Our Global Team

Our global team of experts provide Monitoring, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance in all contexts, especially Fragile and Active Conflict Areas.

Mustafe Osman Saed

Director of Impact Institute, a research, consultancy and policy Studies Institute based in Sweden and works throughout Africa and Europe from SADC in the south, through the Great Lakes region to the Horn of Africa and in West Africa.

Mustafa Saed is highly qualified director, consultant, adviser and trainer offering 10+ years of progressive experience with multisector organisations active in the fields of peacebuilding, democratisation, development, security, election management, countering violent extremism (CVE) and terrorism and youth empowerment. Skilled in liaising with a myriad of stakeholders and partners, including government agencies, civil society, international organisations and grassroots organisations.  Mustafa have a Master’s degree in Public Planning for Sustainable Development with a major in Political Science from the University of Orebro, Sweden, and a second M.A.  of Social Science (Specializing in Human Rights and Conflict Management).

Abdihakim Warsame

Abdihakim specialises in context analysis , monitoring & evaluation and impact assesement of development and conflict transformation activities. He is particularly interested in the nexus between defence, diplomacy and development, regularly working in fragile and conflict-affected environments. He provides advisory services to international organisations and NGOs. Warsame holds M.A. in Peace and Conflict studies from Umea University, Sweden, and second M.A in Public Planning for Sustainable Development from Orebro University, Sweden.  I also hold a B.A. in Science (Peace and Development) from Linnaeus State University, Sweden and a second B.A in Science (International Relations) from Gothenburg state University, Sweden.