Our Values

  • Independence: Our work is independent from our funders. Our staff are able to challenge donor thinking and policy and the wider development consensus. However, We are not driven by outside interests or hidden agendas.
  • High quality: We ensure best practice, innovative approaches, and continuous improvement in our research, policy advice, and public affairs.
  • Fairness, diversity, and equality: We treat all staff and partners fairly and with respect.
  • Working together: We continuously try to foster better relationships throughout the organization. We believe that by working together in a supportive environment, we will achieve more and have a greater impact.
  • Transparency and accountability: We report openly on our use of public funds, and fully communicate our work to our donors, research subjects, and partners.
  • Sustainability: We use resources in a sustainable way, conscious of our impact on the environment.
  • Excellence: We produce high-quality work and our advice is backed by evidence.
  • Creativity: We encourage bold ideas and unique approaches to complicated questions.
  • Collaboration: We believe diverse partnerships produce better and more resilient outcomes.